Lion Face Lemon Face 01/06/13: Something Weird Is Happening In Brooklyn


Unless you are either a Timberwolves, 76ers, Hawks, Nets, Magic or Clippers fan, you might not have taken in any NBA action last night and if that was the case, I don't blame you. Two of the games ended in a blowout, while the other ended with a Nets victory. So, yeah, it wasn't one of the most memorable nights of the 2013-2014 season, but we still had highlights, injury updates, big performances and silly moments, so a Lion Face/Lemon Face is in order.


Shabazz Muhammad, the D-League and Lessening the Stigma

Photo opportunity

Being a first round pick comes with certain expectations that alludes those that go in the second round or even undrafted. To us, a first round pick means some sort of long term solution that steadily measures out a remedy for what ails a team until that weakness has been fully strengthened. As far as expectations go, being sent down to the D-League is not one of the expectations we hold for a first round pick, but especially a lottery pick.


On John Wall: Growing Pains and Growing Gains


In line with legions of potential-laden youngsters, the elusive ingredient John Wall lacked was consistency. After returning from a knee injury last season, Wall gave us a preview of just how devastating he could be when given the ability to harness his talent by pure exercise of will. Today, his floorsmanship is prestidigitation on 94x50 parameters. Basically, he's scary good. And he's only going to get better.


Presented Without Comment: Ricky Rubio Passes Basketball


The English language harbours an infinite quantity of words, which allow for sentence construction to create an even more boundless mixture of vocabulary, turns of phrase and expression. Ultimately, it is not enough. Some emotions defy description just as some plays defy analysis. The Timberwolves did something tantalizing today, as they've become wont to do, and… well, it didn't precisely defy analysis. Ricky Rubio's dimes exude bewilderment, Dirk Nowitzki was discombobulated but not in a way that's curious and Kevin Love, you see, makes the shots around these here parts.


Lion Face Lemon Face 11/22/13: Injuries, Injuries And More Injuries


We were off to such a good night and then the injury bug decided it had been too long since it unleashed its wrath on the league and made us all go to bed with a heavy cloud over our heads. I know, it sucks. But let's look on the bright side: There was still plenty of great things that happened in the NBA last night, which should ease the pain just a little bit. So away with that frown! Smile! Laugh! Enjoy!